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PrintDesign for MacOS X preview download

Posted by igor | Posted in Разработка | Posted on 18-08-2013

To complete preview task we have created PrintDesign .dmg image for MacOS X 10.8 platform. Please note, this is development snapshot but not working version!

Also we have added some samples to zip package (as PDXF and CDR files) to allow you quickly testing application:
#1 | kfsix August 18 2013 21:33:03
Great to know you're working in an OSX version! I've just Installed it.
What would you like to focus test on? I couldn't do much, so, here is some feedback.

· UI redrawing seems slow, is it native?
· It looks like it redraws all objects every time a node is created :s
· Couldn't edit any nodes.
· Couln'd add any text.
· Is PDXF somehow SVG or PDF compatible?
#2 | igor August 19 2013 08:45:07
Thank you for feedback!

First of all, please note, that this is a development snapshot but not release version. Therefore there is some bottle neck in canvas rendering. This issue will be fixed definitely. And some functionality is not implemented yet.

Regarding PDXF compatibility - not all format importers are connected right now. But later they will available. PDXF format is an OpenDocument subformat and PDXF features covers all PDF and SVG format properties.

The snapshot just shows that application works on OSX without any tricks unlike Inkscape.
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